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Some options for sink styles

Updating a sink is an opportunity to express your style by choosing something eclectic or classic, whether function or style is your goal there are a variety of sink options out there.

Undermount Sink

These sinks are mounted from below the surface, and offer a clean, sleek and modern appearance which makes them favorites in new construction and remodeling projects. Undermount sinks sit below the countertop so there’s more useable surface since the rim of the sink is not present, which also makes the counter easier to clean. These sinks should be mounted into a stable, solid-surface type countertop as opposed to laminate or tile.

Drop-In Sink

The drop-in sink has a rim that sits on top of the counter’s surface and can be installed in most types of countertop materials. They have been extremely popular in older and newer construction projects as they are fairly easy to install. That said, drop-in sinks come in a huge variety of styles from basic to high-end designs and materials like porcelain, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, natural or manufactured stone. Drop-in sinks are versatile and available in single, double and three bowl options.

Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are free-standing, often used in smaller bathrooms where space is tight. On the other hand they’re available in an endless array of styles, colors, materials, shapes, sizes, and can become the focal point in a bathroom. The sink is mounted on a pedestal so there’s not a vanity or cabinet around it for storage; typically a separate cabinet or closet would be added for storage requirements.

Wall-Mounted Sink

A wall-mounted sink is the most basic type of sink. They are used in bathrooms where there is minimal space to work with. Don’t be fooled though, these sinks come in a variety of designs and can make a classy, minimalist statement! Generally the plumbing and supply lines are exposed with wall-mounted sinks.


Vessel sinks are extremely popular and come in shapes, sizes, and materials to accommodate any style. They are often custom made as functional art pieces which are hand painted, made from glass, ceramic, stone, metal and more traditional materials like porcelain china. Their shape can be round, square, rectangular and anything in-between!


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