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About Bathroom Vanities

Among the many benefits of a bathroom remodel or addition is that it creates an opportunity to have more space for storage if that’s important to you. Depending on the style, a new vanity with drawers and cabinets offers lots of space that you might not have had before. When it comes to bathroom vanity cabinets, the choices are endless. They can be completely customized with selections for size, style, material, finishes, color, etc.

Vintage furniture can be modified to house a sink and adds a charming appearance to a bathroom. Tall cabinets, narrow, double-wide, floating, open shelves, custom pieces, and so many other options are available for vanity cabinet design and storage. The countertop which sits on top of the vanity can be made from many different materials including solid-surface, natural stone like granite, marble or soapstone, quartz, laminate and more.



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