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Shower and Tub Glass Doors

Sliding doors

Glass doors for showers and tubs are attractive, extremely popular and available in a range of styles and prices. Some types of doors include fixed, sliding, pivoting, folding, and can be frameless, semi-frameless or framed. Fixed glass panels are stationary as they are designed to accommodate a walk around entry to into the shower or tub. Panels should be wide enough to protect the shower floor area so that water doesn’t splash outside. Sliding or bypass doors are a good option for tight spaces without a lot of room to swing a door out. These doors generally have two to three glass panels that slide on tracks, one of the panels can be fixed while one slides open and closed.

Pivoting (swinging, hinged) doors swing out like a regular door in your home and operate on hinges or a spindle. With this style door, just make sure there’s enough space in the bathroom for it to swing out without running into the something.

Bi-fold doors typically consist of two or more glass panels depending on the size of each door and the total shower/tub area. One panel can be fixed to a wall or enclosure while the other ones fold up on the others with the use of hinges, to create an opening. Folding doors work well in smaller bathrooms because they don’t swing out and take up a lot of room.

One of the benefits of glass doors is that they offer a simple but elegant appearance and are a great way to showcase your shower! Keep in mind that all of these options can be customized to fit any size bathroom; shower and tub doors can also be shaped to accommodate the layout of your bathroom or the style you want to achieve. Our professional designers can help you with all of these choices!



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