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As a consequence of the pandemic, many people took the opportunity to remodel an outdoor area as it provided an option to socialize safely within their home. Those who created new outdoor spaces for that purpose, now have a permanent, functional, beautiful oasis to enjoy anytime with family and friends! If you are thinking about updating an exterior space, there are many options to consider such as a deck, porch, kitchen or other outdoor addition. With some planning and good design, the space can become a dazzling extension to your home. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and budget.


Decks are a great way to extend your outdoor living space and can be simple or more complex depending upon how you plan to use them. A deck can be a smaller walk-out area off of a kitchen, living room, bedroom or other room. It can also involve a large portion of a backyard surrounding a pool, outdoor kitchen, be multi-leveled, encompass a fire pit, water features, steps and furniture or surround the whole house.



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The term “porch" is almost exclusively used for a structure that is outside the main walls of a building or house. While there are many different types of porches, some inspired by the style of the home’s architecture and geographic location, the four basic types of porches are front, back, wraparound and screened. As the names imply, porches at different locations of a home serve different functions. Front porches enhance the entry of the home, are a welcoming area for guests and invoke a quaint and welcoming feel. A back porch is often used to connect your yard to indoor living spaces. It is a covered, safe space which can be connected to a deck for more flexibility and used as a cooking or garden area, mudroom, etc. Wraparound porches capture classic charm and invoke a neighborly feeling to the home not to mention give it immense curb appeal! Creating different zones for lounging, relaxing, appreciating nature, connecting with neighbors are part of the versatility of a wraparound porch. Think of a screened porch as an extension of your living space which you can use for at least three seasons out of the year, and in warmer climates, all year long! Adding a fireplace or wood stove make it cozy in cooler weather and the screen keeps most critters out while you enjoy a meal in the fresh air.


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An outdoor kitchen can be as simple or elaborate as your taste and budget will allow. The grill is generally the central feature but most people want the same conveniences as the inside kitchen and more. Not just for cooking, an outdoor kitchen often becomes a whole new addition to a home complete with a dining area, wet bar, sink, refrigerator, television, fire place and everything you need for great outdoor entertaining!

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