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Kitchen backsplash trends

When you walk into a kitchen, the backsplash is one of the first things you see and its design is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for a new or remodeled kitchen. Backsplashes are vertical surfaces so they give an immediate first impression as opposed to horizontal surfaces like countertops which contribute to the overall look and feel of the kitchen at first glance.

A backsplash generally doesn’t take up a whole lot of space, it serves both as a surface that protects the wall behind countertop, stove and food prep areas as well as offers a design opportunity to add a splash of color, patterns, texture and personality to your kitchen.

Subway, glass and natural stone tile continues to be popular for backsplashes, but there are many other beautiful contemporary options. Solid sheet backsplash surfaces such as marble, glass, laminate, stainless steel, concrete, granite, offer a modern, sophisticated, sleek look. A sheet backsplash is also quite functional as it is easier to clean than tile with grout lines! If your style is more unconventional, choices like stacked stone, wood, metal, tin, brick are worth looking into. Express yourself with a simple or more elaborate statement when making choices for a backsplash.


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