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Is a home addition a good idea?

If you are looking for additional living space in your existing home, for ways to transform your home so that it provides the amenities and features that you want, then yes a home addition is a good idea! In the current real estate market it might not be the best time to purchase a larger home with the goal of gaining more square footage so an addition and/or renovation can be the solution to your space needs. Additions generally increase the value of a home, just how much value depends on the type of addition. Here are some great project ideas for increasing space and improving your home.

• Bedroom addition

• Bathroom addition

• Add a room over a garage

• Add an outdoor kitchen

• House bump-out

• Finish an attic

• Finish a basement

• Garage conversion

• Second story addition

• Sunroom addition

• Mudroom addition

• Add a guest suite

• Screened-in porch addition

• Deck addition

• Family room addition

• Home office addition

• Kitchen bump-out

• Garage addition

• Attic bathroom addition

• Pantry or closet addition

• Add a dormer



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