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Delays and Costs

The 2020 pandemic brought unexpected consequences in every aspect of our daily lives and had dramatic effects on the construction industry. We are still feeling the pinch of supply chain issues, higher shipping costs, labor shortages, high gas prices and world events. There are often lag times in project schedules due to delays in getting supplies and products. Labor costs have risen in an attempt to keep qualified workers and to keep up with inflation. While interest rates have gone up and the real estate market in general has cooled down, there is still a high demand for homes, construction and remodeling in the Asheville area.

The extended amount of time spent at home during the pandemic inspired people to explore different ways to enjoy and update their homes. For many, the reimagined spaces include in-home offices or remote work areas and upgrades that they can now afford because spending was limited during the shut downs. For some, it was an opportunity to move to a new city or state since working remotely is a reality and they aren’t tied to a specific location. These motivating factors have contributed to the increased demand for construction but the industry is still experiencing supply shortages, delays and higher costs compared to pre-pandemic times. If you are thinking of building keep in mind that product and material production and delivery times are still unpredictable. Building material shortages are likely so be prepared to wait a little longer for your dream home to be completed. Black Locust Builders will always keep you informed as to the progress of your home build or renovation. You can depend on us for a high quality finished project.


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