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Hardwood floors in an older home

If you’re a fan of older homes, chances are that you love the wooden floors that are often part of their charm. Original hardwood floors usually have a lot of character due to years of wear and tear but there are sometimes issues lurking beneath the surface. Problems like foundation settlement, unevenness, bowing, squeaking, and moisture damage may be present. After years of exposure to humidity, floor joists can begin to weaken and shift causing the floor to sag. Sometimes in older homes, undersized floor joists were used and over time they failed to support the weight of everything inside the house causing them to bow. Most of the time these issues can and must be remedied in order to achieve a safe, solid flooring system with structural alignment that will last for years to come.

Other issues with original wooden floors involve damage to the surface of the floor itself. Stains, gouges, rot, damaged floor sections, termite/insect damage, worn boards, etc. are all visible signs of age. If your preference is to keep the original floors, they can almost always be repaired and refinished by a skilled contractor. With the help of a professional, a nearly seamless restoration of hardwood flooring is possible! Black Locust Builders is proud to work with expert craftsmen who will achieve the high quality results you would hope for in your older home.


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